Over the past 30 years, Mary has helped create campaigns for some of the most famous advertisers in the UK and beyond. She was privileged to work for the greats:  Dave Trott at GGT, Paul Arden at Saatchi & Saatchi and David Abbott at AMVBBDO before going freelance in 2006.  She now works as Mary Wear Ltd both directly with clients and through agencies on everything from pitches, launches and major campaigns.

Her experience has proved that intelligent communication can cut through the digital clutter and build strong relationships even in today’s overcrowded market.  Her strength lies in creating memorable, strongly branded work that builds emotional ties with the consumer.

In 2004 she wrote the line Make Poverty History that is still cited as one of the most successful viral campaigns ever, despite appearing before viral was even a thing.

Mary is featured in D&AD The Copy Book as one of the world’s best 50 copywriters.

She now lives in rural Suffolk with more children and animals than are strictly sensible.

The work

Mary works creatively on all aspects of communication – digital or otherwise.  Her three main areas of expertise are strong end lines, campaigning work and humour all driven by incisive strategic thinking.  She is also good at breathing fresh life into corporate or governmental work.


Over the years she has won D&AD, BTAA, Creative Circle and Campaign Press/Posters awards for:

London Transport, Kahlua liqueur, Zamoyski vodka, Post Office, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, ITV, Toshiba, Holsten Pils and British Airways.

After joining AMV her annual awards included D&AD, BTAA Gold and Silvers, Gold Lions, Gold Clios and numerous Campaign Press and Poster golds and silvers.

These clients include Famous Grouse, Anti-Smoking, Tampax, Department of Transport, Yellow Pages, BT, The Economist and Maltesers.